I was impatiently waiting for KENZO X H&M collection for a very long time. When someone says KENZO, I imagine the wild fashion pieces full of colours, animal prints, modern cuts and an extravagance. A man, who owns them, is not only wearing them but also playing with them - because the fashion is mainly about playfulness, originality and freshness. A boredom and an uniformity do not exist here.

Except for great clothes and accessories, I was also curious about the whole event, because I had an opportunity to enjoy it in Prague. After previous experiences in Bratislava, where on magnificient collaborations, such as Balmain x H&M or Gaultier x Lindex, I was willing to stand in queue in the morning  and quickly grab something for myself (like a real fashion lover); I also had an experience with (fashion?) fanatics, who were willing to camp in front of the shop day before and when the sale was launched, they went crazy and they started to undress themselves in front of the others... Well, I was embarrassed, what kind of madness will this event be like... How did it turn out?

Even though the sale was launched earlier as I  have thought (on 8 o'clock, instead of 9 o'clock), I had a feeling that it will be better if I will go sooner (God bless woman's intuition!). In front of the Myslbek shopping gallery near by Wenceslas Square, the group of people were actually standing there, but I was also lucky and I found something nice for myself. When the sale was launched, people were not so crazy as in Slovakia. There was such a nice atmosphere.

I exactly knew, what I  want, but of course I did  not find it all - because of someone else was faster than me or it just was not there. After all, I landed up very well. I have found an amazing oversize bomber jacket, which is eccentric, but it was love at the first sight! Later, a big leather handbag, which looks like a shopping bag, has landed into my hands from somewhere and last but not least I bought cute socks in three versions.

I left the shop satisfied and with huge shopping bag (which is gorgeous as well!). I know, that lot of people judge this "type of shopping" total madness, but I love fashion and  I could not resist it. For me it is a big opportunity to be closer to the clothes, which are designed by people I admired and who's  work I am following for a long time.

Speaking about the collection itself, it is incredibly playful and wild. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, creative directors of KENZO, got inspired by fashion of the 80's, as you can see on cuts and materials. They enriched these wild pieces with big prints and highlighted them with feminity (floral prints, romantic flounces and wow, those pink boots!). I personally like the connection between tradition and modern era. Carol and Humberto like to explore newness, they are fascinated by connecting and creating an originality, which every man wears in his own way.

"We wanted to really tell the story of the brand and of us."

"Kenzo really created a new way for women to dress."

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