Saturday moodboard: Beach, please!


When I close my eyes I hear the beauty of the sea...That sound of freedom, peace and power. I am lying at the beach and my feet are full of sand. Just me and my book. I am eating strawberry ice cream and enjoying the sunset. My friends are coming with a huge pizza. I think boys love this season because of mini skirts. Women love to be chic -  you can see stripes, trendy mule shoes and big sunglasses everywhere. Later, I am swimming, flirting with cold sea waves and little seagulls are flying with ease. Do you know what I love about the summer? The correct answer is - palm leaves, cold wine and a seaview at the night.

Because is still a summertime, my mood is full of funny days, warm nights, sweet taste, salt smell and sounds of the ocean. I am wearing my favourite swimsuit, no makeup, just smile. And I am happy.

Enjoy every day!💋

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