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Hi everyone! First of all, welcome to my online fashion magazine! I created this site because I wanted to offer you, readers, something special from the exciting fashion industry. I love everything about it - speaking about inspirational history, actual trends or exclusive fashion shows, as well. I am very creative person and I am obsessed not only with writing, but with styling interesting outfits and taking original pictures, too. I want to show you my kind of fashion. Even though I am hardly working on every article and trying to put my personality there, I have realized that you don't actually know me, yet. I mean - why I have created this site? Why fashion? Who am I? What is my niche? So, today's article is only about me! Enjoy it.

Creativity has always been an essential part of my life. When I was 8 years old, I created my own fashion magazine and wrote my first stories - I remember one about the love between two elephants - my grandpa loved that story. I always dreamed about being a fashion journalist and about being a member of the team who works hard on impressive issues every single month.

My own fashion magazine when I was 8

My first articles for real printed magazine!

That feeling when you see your name :-)

I also remember my short trips into my mother's closet where I tried everything on. But what fascinated me the most was her high heels collection full of stilettos, mules or knee high boots. If you would ask me to name one specific memory of my childhood, it will definitely be the sound of my mother's Singer sewing machine. I really enjoy playing with outfits and just observe various cuts, materials and patterns. When we had our first digital camera in 90ties, I used to take some fashion photos with my friend of the same age.

My first professional fashion shoots

I did everything by myself - it was a great journey!

Being original is my signature

You must think of every detail!

Love the way how different colours and patterns play together. Do not be afraid of trying new things!

I had everything in my mind.

We had fun.

Love these backstage photos - here came my ideas alive!

Time goes by and here I am now - the 24 years old woman from Slovakia who successfully graduated from Comenius University of Pharmacy a couple of months ago. One would say that because I love fashion and writing I will probably have great education of journalism at this time (instead of pharmacy) and that I will already be on the right way to my dream career. Well, life is just one big surprise and there are few moments which you have to deal with, even though you do not want to.
But I have never give up. I just said to myself: "Hold on. Now you have some duties which you need to finish, but then you will free - you can follow your dreams and make them real!" This was my motivation. Without it, I will probably not finished that school and not have a bachelor's degree, as well. Besides my hard study of pathology, boring math or organic chemistry I decided to create my own fashion blog called Magnifique Brunette. It was my escape from the crazy reality  for almost 3 years (!).  This is the story how did exactly the idea of having my own space, my own online fashion magazine come to my mind!

my official logo 

Me successfully graduated from my uni. This feeling I will remember forever :-) I won!

Except for creating Magnifique Brunette, I decided to attend some fashion events where I could meet people from the industry and just enjoy fashion from the front row. I have visited Bratislava fashion days or Fashion LIVE! in Slovakia where I was accredited as a press and wrote some articles about them; and because I am currently living in Montreal, I did not miss Fashion Preview, Semaine Mode, CFBA - Fashion conversations: The first chapter or FRENZR event, as well. I met so many interesting and great people! I also worked part time as a journalist for Slovak folk magazine called RUD and wrote articles there about Slovak fashion and our fashion heritage. It was very good experience for me. When I was in Prague for a while, I met very interesting woman - Dagmar Gabulova - who is the first certificated style coach for Slovakia and Czech Republic. She gave me lots of advices and thanks to her I understood the whole process of style coaching (read about it here)!

Fashion LIVE! event in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2015

Bratislava fashion days with friend Kristina, 2016

Bratislava fashion days exclusive with friend Patricia, 2015

great event called "La Pasarela", 2015

my amazing handbag by my friend and talented fashion designer Jenny Jeshko

with famous Slovak designer Boris Hanecka

with famous Slovak designer Lukas Kimlicka

with girls from Fashion Addict showroom - special fashion show, 2014

With Dagmar Gabulova, the first certificated style coach for Slovakia and Czech Republic

love to be a part of The Montreal fashion society!

having fun with Nathon Kong at Fashion Preview with friends

with great Lamia Boucheneb from the Montreal Fashion Society and with Karen Quirion, designer of KQK

with Emanuela Lolli & Melisande Bodigel from Fashion Preview

interesting models, Fashion Preview

In action!

CFBA - great fashion workshops with various designers and speakers

With friend Susana at CFBA

With friend Amanda at Semaine Mode

I am a huge bookworm, speaking especially about the books of fashion industry (check my IG profile and stories out where I very often post some new books, even though I have zillions of them, haha). I love dating with my Nikon DSLR camera and I am collecting my favourite foreign fashion magazines for years. Obviously, I am obsessed with fashion. I am a true believer in constantly educating myself on subjects related to my industry; for example, I took BOF Fashion Styling & Image Making course where the tutor was Lucinda Chambers, my big idol! This experience was unbelievable. There I learnt how to style outfits with creativity, how to express every idea I have, how to play with cuts, colours, patterns or even how to show the movement of the clothes and how to take professional photos. The results you can see here, here and here :-) However, my biggest challenge is this blog. You need to know how to manage your time, energy, original ideas and money, but it is all worth it!

My certificate. This is just the beginning!

Why do I love fashion? Well, I love its diversity, evolution, the way how you can express yourself even without words. Thanks to clothes you can also learn more about our history and understand designer's  feelings, thoughts or opinions. I think fashion is about showing your incredible taste and original style - your visions; not about showing how many Louis Vuitton handbags and Manolo high heels you have in your closet.

Work on myself every day

What can you expect from this blog? If you are a big fashion lover and you want to see/read something extra from fashion industry mostly, you are at the right place! I decided to make it special - to create my own online magazine, where I will write articles, creating fashion editorials and express my personality. I found boring just taking photos of me and writing about "what I did buy today" and thats it. I don't like when people are copies and when you exactly know where everybody is obviously shopping mostly, because they totally look the same. On the other hand, I love people with the unique style; the people who are not afraid of showing their personality and being different! I want to show you the fashion through my eyes. I think fashion is not just about clothes; it is also an art and you can find it everywhere - in our culture, music, movies, books, opinions,...
Everyone is welcome to this site! I will love to hear your responses and opinions because fashion really connects people. This blog is also a proof, that if you are really interested in something you love, you keep it alive no matter what. If you are passionate about something, GO FOR IT! You can do EVERYTHING. Look at me. Nothing stops me. Nobody can really stop you - only yourself.

Why  the concept of an online fashion magazine?  Because having my own fashion magazine was always my dream - as you can see in the photo when I was 8, haha. I have some big plans (you must have big goals and work hard on yourself; if not, you will not achieve what you want) so stay tuned!

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