New York Fashion Week F/W 2018 report


Once upon a time, there was an American girl who had a busy life. She loved walking across the Fifth Avenue in her majestic Oscar De La Renta dress and waving to the yellow cabs. One night she was wild and sexi, another one she pretended to be sweet and girly. During the day, she just went to Starbucks for a coffee in her Michael Kors tartan coat holding those huge shopping bags. Of course, she can not miss her sunglasses. In her dreams, New York is the eclectic city with many faces. She enjoyed dating with this city as Carrie Bradshaw did. Nothing is impossible there. You could be a futuristic woman by Wang or you just could transform into modern alien thanks to Jeremy. It is up to you...

Oscar De La Renta

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, the creative directors at the house for almost 2 years, are uniquely positioned for this job. Why? They worked alongside Mr. De La Renta in the atelier and, they are millennials - so they can truly understand the needs and wants of today's modern society. However, I like the fact that they still lead a heritage label forward.
The collection was beautiful - abloom with floral prints, rich embroidery work and featuring breathtaking textures such as lustrous velvet or nubby raw silk. Its eveningwear was the collection's strength, as it often was De La Renta's.



Jeremy Scott

Jeremy definitely tied the ribbon on his Fall women's and men's collection. It was crazy, brainy, brilliant in spots and thought - provoking in others. He introduced a few new bits to his singular planet, for example, "thigh-high skyscraper Moon Boots", track jacket-bra hybrids worn under lava lamp-like rainbow leopard print sheer sashes or structured skirts in see-through orange PVC paired with mini denim jackets. The fluff (and the cartoon-bear prints) were inspired by Popples bears from the '80s. It was inspired by famous "Cicciolina" used to carry them. So there is the seductress and cute and cuddly thing, at the same time.
Total confidence expressed through kitsch. Nobody, in any universe, doest that better than Jeremy!



Victoria Beckham

10 years ago, Victoria invited curious editors and buyers to see her debut collection and introduced the world to her "sucky-sucky" dress. This collection had a focus on suiting, mostly in shades of military drap. She emphasized the waist with strappy belts and added styling details like leather spats-cum-leg warmers or leather hoodie-dickeys that gave the clothes an avantgarde, athleticised  quirk. Silk dresses were either asymmetrically pleated or printed in deceptively real faux fur motif. Coats were sometimes doubled, and the tote bag was supersized.


Michael Kors

This man gave us a little bit of everything. There were grunge plaids and slip dresses, "Jackie Onassis at Doubleday" camel leather trench, Carrie Bradshaw's iconic style and boyish pairings of Argyle and plaid or Fair Isle and pajama silk. A Margot Tenenbaum tracksuit walked the runway and also appeared in the front row on a luminous Zendaya. There were unknowns and there were runway vets, twiggy girls and curvy ones, male and female models from all over the world.

Because... ♫ Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
                 There's nothing you can't do now you're in New York!
                 These streets will make you feel brand new
                 Big lights will inspire you
                 Hear it for New York, New York, New Yooork! ♫


Anna Sui

Anna titled this collection Beloved because it is about about the fashion world she dreamed about before she came to New York. Gigi and Bella Hadid opened the show together with a very posh strut and twirl, the designer could not help but inject the collection with some Mudd Club - era glam. Yasmin Wijnaldum arrived, hips swiveling down the catwalk, in a groovy velvet suit shot with a coral and violet pattern. Underneath an apron dress, Sara Grace Wallerstedt wore a bright red and pink ruffled blouse dotted with rhinestones. Anna created some incredibly wearable courdoy trousers and blazers, sweet embroidered tunic, a Lurex-trimmed knit dress and cardigan combo in Kelly green, a floral faux fur coat; glitter sunglasses or pretty mint green gown with rose-coloured  beading at the neck.


Alexander Wang

Condé Nast's old headquarter was the site of this show as a memory of Wang's start in fashion as an intern at Teen Vouge and Vogue. But it was not so much about returning to his roots as it was about asserting the seriousness of his intentions. The body-con silhouettes, souped-up athleisure, spiky heels, and Matrix shades owed less to the old-media powerhouses who lined the front row than the new one in their midst - model and social media sensation Bella Hadid
We can say that, you can remove the boy from the party, but you can not remove the party from the boy.


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