#OOTD: Autumn Chic With Timeless Trench Coat



Hello my dear Vintage Lovers!
Autumn is slowly coming to our way and I am so excited as it's one of my the most favourite season of the year! I love to walk across the Old Port here in Montreal, enjoying the magical atmosphere full of French architecture and autumn coziness! Today I prepared for you a very easy but elegant & chic look. The main role plays my beloved timeless trench coat that will never go out of fashion. 

This is a very versatile and effortless look and I just adore it! I believe you don't need to buy luxurious brand name clothes to look chic and stylish - for instance, half of the fashion pieces from this look is from the second hand :) So it doesn't matter if you are a millionaire or not...Style is the only thing you can't buy!

Don't also forget to apply the capsule wardrobe theory - as you can see, this look consists of a timeless trench coat, that you can style in many ways and create with it thousands of interesting outfits, a Breton style top, basic black trousers in slim fit, my favourite red ballet flats and of course, my baby - red leather handbag by DKNY. I don't buy clothes because of famous brands. I choose clothes because of their quality and timeless look. 

I hope this look inspired you a little bit. Bonne semaine et à bientôt!

MB, x


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