The legendary Coco´s tweed jacket


On the Internet you can find many advices about "must have" fashion pieces, which you definitely should have in your wardrobe- white shirt, well-fitting jeans, leather jacket or little black dress. There is no doubt, that these fashion pieces have changed the world and female beauty, too. A human creativity and innovation fascinate me a lot. It is great how the people can create something special from common things; something, which can completely rewrite our history. Fashion designers are trying to suprise and  shock you or get into the state of falling in love with them everyday.
When I say Coco Chanel, what do you imagine at first? This lady designed an incredible amount of clothes during her life and thanks to her attitude to fashion she opened the eyes to every woman, in a positive way. Her designs became legendary even though she took the inspirations from everything around her. Her legendary (tweed) jacket is also one of this case. When every woman wears it, she converts to the elegant and sophisticated lady  who is gentle and sexi, as well.

How was this jacket exactly discovered; how many hours takes its production and how to wear it properly? Continue with reading and you will find out more!

Everything began in 1954, when Coco Chanel started with jackets designing. Her goal was clear - to help women from the restricting silhouette of the time period. She believed, that fashion designers had forgotten about the beauty of female body and they knowingly hide them inside the clothes. The next problem was a functionality of the clothes - times have changed and women needed the clothes, which will be not only gorgeous, but also comfortable and helpful in their everyday routine.

I admire its timelessness and charm. It is up to you,whether you combine it with pencil skirt or pair of jeans; you will definitely look like an elegant woman! Here are some specific features and thanks to them you will fall in love with this jacket again and again:

* the legendary materials were tweed and bouclé (they were made in a Scottish factory since cca 1920):
Tweed  is rough, unfinished wool traditionally used for outerwear (Coco discovered its functionality when she borrowed outerwear from a suitor).
Bouclé is similar, but has its own distinct look and processing technique. 
* pockets (all four of them) were always real
*if there was a trim, it was braided and in a contrasting colour
*buttons were often large and stamped with name of fashion house (well known the interlocking C logo) or some other distinctive design such as a lion head, perfume bottle or clover leaf.
*the pieces were often lined in silk and almost always included a chain sewn into the hemline to help weight the jacket and ensure it always hung straight

Women around the world love this legendary tweed jacket.

Romy Schneider at her visit in CHANEL 31, Rue Cambon in Paris,
where she is trying on tweed jackets, in 1961

Even though the famous Coco Chanel's jacket undergones many changes, its popularity rapidly grows- you can choose from many variations, make new outfits and simply love Chanel forever!

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