Christmas fairytale with Erdem


Once upon a time, there was a woman, who was wearing beautiful evening gown and she loved fashion. Her dress was full of sequins, embroideries, laces, floral prints and tied with silky ribbon. She wore simply updo, so you can saw her impressive earrings. Her makeup was soft and her natural beauty was obvious. Dress cut flattered her perfect figure, which was elegant and very feminine...Her shoes were amazing.  She was standing there, in a sophisticated pose with enigmatic look and she was holding her fur coat nonchalantly. This woman was emerging in your imagination constantly, but each time in a different form. Once in a softly muslin dress with ruffles and in frosty blue, another time in a sequin formal dress in sweet pink with floral embroideries..An author of this christmas fairytale full of gentility, celebration and mystery is Erdem. His pre-fall 2017 collection I called fairytale, because when I look at the models, I feel like being in one!

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