Fashion Preview 2018 with The Montreal Fashion Society


Two days ago, I had a very special night. You know, Montreal is my home now and before my arrival, I have often thought about what could this city exactly offer to me, speaking mainly about fashion. What do the local designers look like, what are their ideas, techniques and visions? I am a big fashion lover so I always am very excited about every fashion show. But this one was totally different. Thanks to The Montreal Fashion Society and Lamia Boucheneb I attended the Fashion Preview event which I  absolutely loved !

Firstly, I met Lamia Boucheneb and our group. It was so nice to meet new people and speak with them about everything. Fashion really connects people!

Our group with Lamia Boucheneb from The Montreal Fashion Society; Emanuela Lolli & Melisande Bodigel from Fashion Preview

Then we took our seats. I was in the section for runway photographers and I really enjoyed the catwalks because École supérieure de mode de l'ESG UQAM; SELFISH swimwear; IZOL UV; VELVET couture and MARIGOLD by Marilyne Baril showed us very unique models. Fashion is not only about clothes and about having matching shoes with your designer's handbag. It is mainly about expressing yourself, about your adaptation in today's world and about realizing that clothes could be also very functional and could provide very good skin protection...

École supérieure de mode de l'ESG UQAM

1st year fashion design students of this school manifested their creativity and, at the same time, their work was showcased in the Telio emerging designer competition. It was inspirational, modern and it displayed savvy adaptability.

SELFISH swimwear

Its founder Naomie Caron demonstrated the courage to be and love yourself. Every woman with every shape can find the right swimsuit for her. As a bonus she will feel sexy and confidently. I love the idea of being in love with yourself even though you do not have hourglass figure, long legs or flat belly. The used colours (burgundy, turqoise, ginger, white) evoked the sunset, sea and freedom. The assymetrical lines emphasized the uniqueness of each woman. When I was watching the catwalk I just imagined myself wearing this swimsuit and lying on the beach. Can not wait for summer!


This brand and its founder Mahtab Azizsoltani just opened my eyes. Her concept of  the stylish sun protection clothing is amazing! The clothes are designed to provide maximum coverage for your body which is  exposed to the sun's damaging UV rays. The fabric is chemical free and blocks 98 %  of the sun's rays versus only 7 % of ordinary clothes (cotton, for example). And, the softness of the fabric is unbelievable! The models are very well designed -  thanks to the simple cuts, fresh vibe and comfort.

VELVET couture

This mother-daughter business mixed velvet with a sportive attitude and it was a very good step. I love the urban touches of this collection, as well. The used pastel colours and the idea of styling outfits with trainers gave to the collection that right young and playful feeling. It is obvious that this brand have found two generations and they brilliantly mix their visions together.

MARIGOLD by Marilyne Baril

When parisian chic meets the sophisticated woman - it looks exactly like this collection. Berets,  shirt dresses, culottes, over the knee boots, very feminine cuts and elegance. Some of the outfits reminded me Blair Waldorf and her romantic but youthful style. I love that Marilyn paired the sandales and boots with lurex socks, it looks so chic! 

In between  fashion shows, we used the opportunity for taking pictures of models with the designer, and, speaking with designers about their brand's policy and visions. We also went backstage or met fantastic designers (Karen Quirion, Nathon Kong or Erik Fürer for example) in the accessory village. 

Taking pictures of models with the designer

a small talk with IZOL UV's designer Mahtab Azizsoltani

We are feeling the softness of IZOL UV's stunning fabrics

Our group with Karen Quirion, designer of KQK

Our group with Marilyne Baril, the designer of MARIGOLD

having funny moments with Nathon Kong



I spoke with Erik Fürer, the designer, about the brand and I was impressed. The collection of ties and bowties is a real work of art and couture! I love its mixture of playfulness and elegance. Erik takes inspirations from everywhere - whether he is in a restaurant, he watches a movie or he travels around the world.
Gentlemen, you can wear these masterpieces anytime - at work or when you are going out with friends, as well. Every piece is handcrafted and the used materials are just perfect. 

Photos by Eva Cavojcova

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