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I could watch Friends and Sex and the City again and again... I saw it for zillion times, but I am still enjoying it like for the very first time. Why? Except for the best characters, funny quotes and storylines, I love these TV shows because of New York! The vibe of this city is unbelievable. No doubt I wanted to go there so badly!
When we moved to Montreal, Adrian wanted me to reach my dream so he booked flight tickets to NYC and I became speechless - I will be in the same city as Carrie Bradshaw, Friends or Kevin! I felt like a child. But a happy one... Thanks, darling :-)

While I am writing this article, I try to remember every feeling I had when I was there. Curiosity. Passion. Love. Happiness. I know that it can sound like a cliché, but I really fell in love with this city.  When you are there, you feel like you are dreaming.

Let's go!

New York, we are coming!

...and I proudly drink it.

Happy face in New York, haha.

Because of the short distance between Montreal and New York, our flight took less than an hour. We flew early in the morning so you can imagine that enjoyment of a very good Starbucks coffee serving directly on the board! When I was packing my things I tried to think economically so I only took my small suitcaise with me (and it was half empty - for souvenirs etc.) and my cute mini backpack.

I could write about this trip for hours (I have thousands photos, as well) but I decided to point out our top 5 activities we did here and which I will remember forever. So, when you are in this stunning city, you should definitely:

#1 Walk across Brooklyn Bridge with a morning coffee

Even if huge mass of people are around you and you have sometimes feeling that cyclists will ram you for sure thanks to their fast and furious ride, this walk is everything! Especially in the morning, with a cup of great coffee. It is like in a fairytale where you are entering the new world of skyscrapers, yellow cabs and busy lifestyle (if you are going from Brooklyn to Manhattan) or the new world of brick houses with typical fire staircases, urban music and the classic old-school  Brooklyn accent (in the opposite direction). Brooklyn Bridge just offers an opportunity to observe a grandiose view and the close-up of its construction.

#2 Go for a lunch to Central Park

Central Park has long inspired filmmakers and television writers. I love scenes where, for example, Kevin from Home Alone 2 meets Brenda Fricker (the woman obsessed with pigeons) and they become friends; or where Carrie with Miranda from Sex and The City movie are sitting in the beautiful gazebo  (The Ladies Pavilion in Central Park) and are having lunch by water. I knew for sure that when I will be in New York, I must definitely have a lunch with Adrian in Central Park! What is the more typical American food than a hotdog (especially in New York)? So our decision was clear - buy a hotdog from food truck near Central Park and enjoy the view and its magical atmosphere. I had "cheesedog" with fries and it was so delicious! Many people had their lunch in Central Park with us and I really enjoyed observing businessmen in expensive suits eating hotdogs and sitting by the water. After lunch we took a huge walk across Central Park and I was amazed. Do you know that you cand find here also a cute Zoo with sea lions, harbor seals, exotic birds or red pandas?

#3 Take a flight with a doors-off helicopter and enjoy the crazy view of the city

I know, I know. You could think we are crazy but we love to explore the city little bit differently and to experience something extra - something we will have in our minds forever. Even though we did not see a beautiful city view from Rockefeller Center or Empire State Building, we had a flight with a doors-off helicopter and saw the whole New York! This trip was a huge fun because we departed from New Jersey and we got little bit lost on our way there, haha. When we finally found the address of Flynyon company and tried virtual reality, I was little bit nervous. You can imagine that stress mixed with excitement. Just look at these pictures!

PS, I sat right next to our pilot!

#4 Attend any type of exhibition at MET

Did you read my latest article about Met Gala 2018 here? If not, you should! I have mentioned  the  fashion exhibition called Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. I was so happy to attend this event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Details and photos about that I will prepare for another article, but let's talk about the MET building itself now. Its architecture is something amazing (it remembers me the New York Public Library a little, what is my favourite place, too). I also love its location - it is situated right next to Central Park! MET is the oldest and largest museum in USA and you can find here really everything (and their store, oh my God!). Do you love painting? Egyptian culture? Knights? You will love this place. Everything you need to do is just to buy a ticket which will last for 3 days and you can enjoy every current exhibition and every collection! This is great because you do not need some extra tickets. When I entered the Anna Wintour Costume Center, I just stopped by the nearest figurine and gazed at her clothes in astonishment. If Adrian did not talk to me, I think you would find me there in the same position till today, haha.

#5 Visit Bubba Gump Shrimp and Co. (if you love shrimps and Forrest Gump as I do) and enjoy the night life on Times Square

The last but not least is famous Times Square and its night life. The place with many ads and shops around you, and of course, with so many people and yellow cabs! However, I was not most excited about Times Square itself, but about the popular restaurant named Bubba Gump Shrimp and Co. This place is dedicated to the movie Forrest Gump (obviously). I adore that movie, Tom Hanks and shrimps, so what else could be my ideal place to go (and to eat)?! The interior was very cute and I love the way how they played with every detail, too - for example, our menu was in a shape of the table tennis rocket or you can find written quotes from the movie on the table. We had 4 different types of shrimps with three different sauces and it was SO GOOD! Our waitress was extremely friendly and when she gave us the bill, we had there a very cute message from her. The fan shop with funny t-shirts or souvenirs with shrimp's theme is a part of this restaurant, as well. Even though you must wait for your reservation almost 40 minutes and the fact this place is quite pricey, I recommend you to go there because you will have a great time (and if you are lucky you will get the table with a view on night Times Square ♥).

I know, you could now say - and what about the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building?! Well, because of bad weather and very little time, we did not have an opportunity to go to Empire State Building or to see Statue of Liberty clearly (we only took some pictures from the Staten Island ferry, which is for free, or from the doors-off helicopter). Nevermind, we enjoyed this city pretty well and had a wonderful time! Thank you, New York and see you soon! ♥

With the Statue of Liberty

These yellow cabs are so cool!


No comment!

Hang out with friends

My favourite morning coffee - this one was for free! ♥

The New York Times, of course

I was reading at New York Public Library!

Funny guys

My Statue of Liberty

Another very famous film location - Grand Central station

Flags everywhere

Their typical buildings (and laundromat!)


Some poses, haha

Happy to be here :-)

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment

My favourite type of breakfast: in bed with map to plan what we should see today

Yummy pepperoni pizza

I love you

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