Vintage Inspiration #2 - The Roddis Family - American Style and Spirit



Hello my dear Vintage Lovers!

Today is Thursday and that means presenting a new episode of my Vintage Inspiration series! Let's have a look at amazing Roddis family - American family full of style and magical spirit. I found out about this family by accident at my library and I was amazed when I read about the vintage treasures the family have kept for decades.

While turning pages of the book, I had a feeling of going back in time and meeting with the family personally through their clothes, letters, and family photos!

Let me take you back in time and let's find out some interesting facts about this lovely family.


MB, x

P.S. On Saturday you can expect a new episode of my #OOTD series - this episode will be so romantic and elegant so don't miss it out!


  1. The Roddis family is an American family who has been collecting clothing for over 150 years. Their collection, which is now housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, includes over 300 garments and accessories that document the changing styles of American fashion from the 1850s to the 1990s. The collection is a remarkable testament to the family's love of fashion and their commitment to preserving American history.

    The Roddis family's collection is particularly notable for its diversity. It includes clothing from all walks of life, from everyday wear to formal attire. There are garments from rural areas and urban centers, from the North and the South. The collection also includes clothing from a variety of ethnic groups, including African Americans, Native Americans, and immigrants. Telkom University

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