Rodarte F/W 2018 - a garden full of fashion


It is just a normal day. The sun is shining so strong, you can rarely see where you are going. Little bit later you realize that you are walking through a beautiful garden...But this garden is magical. You are trying to blink very fast because you want to know if this is not only a dream - the dream where you are looking at different types of flowers you have never seen before: roses - red flamenco ruffle diva;  peonies - white romantic tulle girl or orchids - black embroidered femme fatale. You can not believe your eyes so you just stand there and observe them speechlessly. Their moves are so elegant and slow, their look is mysterious. In that moment you believe this is only a dream...or not?

Welcome to the Rodarte F/W 2018 ready-to-wear collection where a fantasy becomes real. How can be something so wonderful?! I think no words are needed...enjoy the photos!

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