Building Your Capsule Wardrobe (Ultimate Guide) - How to Start?



Hey Vintage lovers! 

I am happy to present you the 1st Part of my new Ultimate Guide called Building Your Capsule Wardrobe. As the title already says it all, today we will look together at how to start with building a dreamy closet full of your favourite fashion pieces. After completing all parts of this guide you will feel awesome, believe me (even after completing today's introduction!)!

Grab your best friends, make yourself and you BFs a coffee or even better, open a bottle of good wine, print all sheets you find down below and let's get the fun started!

After completing the 1st part, don't miss out more upcoming content where we will create together die-for and your all time favourite looks and where I will give you more fashion advices and useful tips!

Stay tuned!

MB, x

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